Acoustic guitar, stomp box, loop pedal, stripped back electric guitar and Ukulele. Kylie is extremely versatile, having the ability to create the perfect atmosphere for your guests. Whether you are after soft relaxing background music or more upbeat crowd favourites, she has it covered. With a vast setlist, her range includes Norah Jones, Alicia Keys, Stevie Wonder and everyone in between. Kylie embodies a captivating soulful tone, keeping your guests entertained and wanting more.





-  The duo has a more significant collection of classics and soulful songs. Add your choice of either keys with backing vocals, guitar and backing vocals or Drums/percussion with backing vocals to create a unique sound and lively atmosphere. All three options cater to a more upbeat crowd, keeping you bopping all night long.

2 Piece band 


Option 1 - Kylie adding Drums/male backing vocals 


Option 2 - Kylie adding Bass guitar/acoustic guitar & Male lead & backing vocals ( Jason Bone )


Option 3 - Kylie acoustics adding a Professional DJ to the mix

The Trio - Want to impress your guests? Look no further; the Trio package is perfect. 

Option 1 - Kylie Jane & Acoustic guitar, Jacob - Keys/bass & male backing vocals & James on drum kit/backing male vocals 


Option 2 - Kylie Jane & Acoustic guitar, Jason on BASS, second guitar & Male lead/backing vocals & James on drums/male backing vocals

Option 3 - Option 3 - Kylie Jane & acoustic guitar, adding a SAX & DJ combination.

Perfect for upbeat events, enhancing the party atmosphere and adding that extra touch. This option is popular with clients hosting large corporate events, wedding receptions or even a milestone birthday. It covers all aspects of live music from easy listening to upbeat dance.

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Kylie Jane Band 

The "Show Stopper" Then Full band is the perfect sound for a large celebration! Having a event in a larger room? Kylie Jane's full band is the perfect fit! Keep your guest dancing all night long to the groovy funk sounds of keys,bass,electric guitar,Saxophone, Drums & backing vocals with Kylie Jane as lead the singer.

Meet the band

Kylie Jane - Lead Vocals & Guitar ( Both acoustic & Electric )

Jacob - Keyboardist also playing the funkiest bass lines you'll ever hear. Sneaky male harmonies in the background

Jason - Male vocalist who switches between his rocking electric guitar & sexy saxophone

James - The man behind the beat playing his Drums, he creates those vibes you can't stop moving your body too